l’équipe & ses valeurs

The JOYA Team

JOYA Lifestore is the fruit of the collaboration of independent professionals and partners.

All have the collective will to create synergy between theur recognized skills and values in order to share their passions and welcome every visitor.

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On the same wavelength

JOYA Lifestore is above all a story of meetings; a meeting of a seller of art, design enthusiasts, a culinary chef, a sommelier, a florist, booksellers, professionals in communication and well-being.

All are independent and in a time in life for change with a desire to build, to invest.

The meeting is also about good location, of investors and trusted partners who offer the perfect opportunity to bring these skills into one unique place in Nice: a lifestore.

We are all independent actors in the heart of the same project!


Sandrine Mons

Initiator and coordinator of the project, Sandrine is responsible for the boutique.



Stéphane Bichon

A bistronomic experienced chef, he offers a bold menu punctuated with seasonal products.



Oriana Schwaan

Your contact for all your privatization needs, events and Community Management.



Lionel Dupraz

A vintage enthusiast and an early riser to attack the flea market, Lionel runs the boutique with a smile and all his know-how.



Romain Forini

Your sommelier offers a selection of natural wines, mainly from the hills of Nice.



Anna-Marie Pécorino

Experienced in the area of training, internal communication and public relations, Anne-Marie holds the reign of the administrative part of JOYA Lifestore.




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network of communication professionals
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Our values

An ambition of sharing and hospitality

and expertise

The combined skills of each one in different areas enables a global approach that is comprehensive, qualitative and innovative. Each one is responsible for their own activity and are independent within the Lifestore.

Kindness, friendliness
& smile

JOYA Lifestore aims to be an economic project which is also part of a world that embraces the values of caring, confidence and fulfillment, to find Poetry and an escape with Prose daily *!



Pleasure of working together, doing what we love and sharing our passions in a place that reflects who we are in Nice, France.

* Poetry and prose by Edgar Morin (E. Morin, Science, Poetry, Society, ed. The Republic of Letters, 2012)